26-28 November 2024, Areal Böhler, Düsseldorf, Germany
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TYPO3 Awards & Gala Dinner

Thursday, 28 November 2024

Submit your project now

How do the TYPO3 Awards work?

The first order of business is submitting your nomination until 15 September 2024! 

By opening the submission period more than 4 months ahead of time, TYPO3 service providers can make sure to invite their clients and project managers to bring significant TYPO3 projects to a close. Once submissions are closed, our panel of experts will select a shortlist of the five most noteworthy projects per category which will be published ahead of the TYPO3 Conference 2024. 

Mark your calendar for Thursday, November 28, 2024, for the highlight event during T3CON24 in Düsseldorf, Germany. This exclusive gala will celebrate the announcement of winners in all 16 categories, culminating in the prestigious Website Of The Year Award. 

** Remember, the dress code is Cocktail Attire. **

Last year, we were thrilled to receive an unprecedented 221 submissions across 13 different categories. Check out winners of the 2023 TYPO3 Awards!

What are the categories this year?

TYPO3's remarkable adaptability is showcased through the extensive variety of categories in the TYPO3 Awards. Nominations are open to agencies, freelancers, in-house teams, and others. Feel free to submit your project for one or several categories*. The TYPO3 Website of the Year award will go to one of the category** winners.

* Per category a maximum of 2 submissions per company.
** Except for the Best TYPO3 Camp.

Campaigns & Promotions

Projects for products, events, or campaigns, whether lasting or limited in duration.


Websites for the higher education sector, including universities and research centers or projects.


TYPO3 solutions featuring integrations with shop systems such as Magento, Shopware, etc.


Enterprises, corporations, and multinational businesses operating on at least two continents.

Finance & Insurance

Digital solutions for banking, finance, and insurance services.

Government & Public Sector

Websites designed for governmental entities and the public sector.


Platforms delivering healthcare information and medical services.


Projects for manufacturing goods, production processes and product development.

Intranets & Extranets (*NEW*)

Internal or external platforms (these require a screencast or showing of up to 30 minutes).

Legacy & Heritage (*NEW*)

Projects that honor long-standing customer relationships and initiatives exceeding 10 years.

Media, News & Publishing (*NEW*)

Platforms for media, news distribution, and publishing activities.

NGO & Non-Profits

Projects by non-profit organizations or NGOs driving social or environmental impact.


Small businesses (< 50 M € turnover) and medium-sized businesses (> 50 M € turnover).

Sports & Culture

Sports clubs, associations and cultural offerings such as museums, cinemas, and the arts.

Travel & Tourism

Digital projects for travel, travel planning and tourism promotion.

Best TYPO3 Camp (*NEW*)

Recognition of community-centric and self-organized TYPO3 Camps via voting at the end of the year. 

How are the winners decided?

The nominated websites—five for each category—will be evaluated based on several criteria: 

  • Speed/Performance
  • Design/UX
  • SEO performance
  • Accessibility
  • Best Practices
  • Errors
  • Core Web Vitals

The TYPO3 Award 2024 winners are determined through a comprehensive evaluation process by a jury composed of digital industry specialists. These jurors bring a wealth of expertise in business, marketing, and technical fields, ensuring that their judgments are both informed and objective. Beyond the technical aspects, the 'human factor'—the jury's professional insight and experience—also plays a crucial role, allowing for a nuanced judgment that ensures winners excel not only in technical quality but also in creativity and overall excellence.

Who can nominate and what do I need to know?

Whether you’re working in a digital agency, government, higher education, industry or elsewhere you can submit a TYPO3 website* or application within one of the categories laid out above. The submission deadline is Sunday, 15 September 2024, 23:59 GMT +2.

There are a few eligibility criteria that you will need to adhere to. The project must:

  • Run a supported TYPO3 CMS version
  • Be publicly accessible (except intranets)
  • Be presented via screencast or showing of maximum 30 minutes (intranets)
  • Have the owner’s agreement for submission
  • Have been launched or rebuild in 2023 or 2024**

* per category a maximum of 2 submissions per company
** Legacy projects are admissible even without a specified launch year

Make sure you provide comprehensive information about the project for the jury to evaluate your work. The more details you share—such as project scope, integrations, contributions etc.—the better the jury can understand the full picture. 

To cover costs for the event, we charge a fee of €200+VAT for every submission. Our submissions page walks you through the submission process. Good luck!

The Awards Gala – 28 November 2024

On the evening of November 28, the culmination of all the effort will be celebrated. Hosts Matt Beadle & Emily Whigham will guide us through a night filled with excitement, networking, and entertainment. Winners will have the opportunity to take the stage, showcase their projects, and share their success stories. The celebration continues as we honor both finalists and winners, partying until the early hours at the afterparty!

The Awards Gala is an excellent opportunity to connect with the TYPO3 Community and expand your professional network. Encourage your employees and clients by booking VIP tables, strategically positioned near the stage. As an added perk, each table reserved for eight VIPs will feature your company's branding.

Reserve one of only 6 VIP tables – first come, first served!

Regular tickets for the Awards Gala cost € 200,- +VAT. TYPO3 Association Membership discounts apply.


2 May 2024: Start of Submission Period & TYPO3 Award Ticket Sales
15 September 2024: End of Submission Period; Start of Evaluation Process
1 October 2024: Announcement of Nominees; Start of Jury Judging Period
28 November 2024: Winner Announcement at TYPO3 Awards Gala

If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact us via events@typo3.com.

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The TYPO3 Awards are a highlight for the community and a lasting memory. Sponsoring the TYPO3 Awards associates your company with excellence.

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Meet our Hosts for the TYPO3 Awards Gala

Emily Whigham

Emily Whigham has been working as a journalist and presenter for various TV stations, in the event sector, at trade fairs and for companies in numerous sectors for over 25 years.

The American, who is based in Cologne, Germany became known for her work on entertainment formats such as NBC GIGA, Viva, AppsNight and CNN Deutschland, hosting thousands of hours of live television shows and interviewing countless celebrities. 

Today, in addition to her work in the entertainment field which includes presenting festivals, award shows and music television, Emily concentrates on moderating events, panels, galas as well as podcasts on the topics of sustainability, new technology, AI, innovations, fair trade, women in the business world, culture and promoting young talent.

More about Emily: www.whigham.de | Instagram: @emily_whigham | LinkedIn: Emily Whigham

Matt Beadle

Last year's host Matt Beadle, born and raised in southeast England, makes a return to Düsseldorf in 2024. Matt is more than just a presenter; he's your energetic guide through events, hybrids, award ceremonies, and films - always bringing a smile and a touch of British humor. If you're laughing, you're listening!

Specializing in sports and entertainment, Matt is equally adept at handling product launches and strategy workshops. He's a familiar face on German TV, known for live horse racing broadcasts and hosting Timbersports championships. Often compared to "Troy MacClure," he's also the go-to host for marketing campaigns and explainer videos for brands like BMW, STIHL, Weidmüller, and Greator. His versatility ensures an engaging experience for both live and hybrid events, from intimate gatherings to large-scale productions. In the last year alone, he has hosted events with audiences from 100, over 500, to one with 19,000. Though originally from the UK, Matt has made Germany his home since 2000, effortlessly switching between English and German (with a charming accent).

In addition to his presenting skills, Matt is a renowned speaker and a four-time author. He speaks on topics such as strengths-orientation, leadership, transformational communication, positive psychology, and intrinsic motivation.

More about Matt: www.mattbeadle.com | Instagram: @mattlbeadle | LinkedIn: mattlbeadle